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Universal Nutrition


Universal Nutrition

Universal Nutrition is one of the oldest companies in the global sports supplement industry was founded in 1977.

Over the years, this company has developed an integrated operation, featuring R&D, manufacturing, quality control lab, and produces a range of sport nutrition products designed to help the world’s athletes and high-performance individuals to reach their health and fitness potential and achieve a stronger, more durable physique.

"We're old school, but we're high-tech, too. From day one, our strength has been in our manufacturing process, which follows a stringent practice known as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). We believe that the best way to create high-quality supplements is to control the process from manufacturing to packaging, bottling, and shipping.

The Universal brand represents a comprehensive line of sports nutrition and bodybuilding products. We’re not interesting in trying to recreate the wheel or release “revolutionary” new products. As a manufacturer, we want to sell high quality, proven products at reasonable prices—products like flavored versions of creatine powder, for example" (Phil Kim, vice president of marketing and strategy at Universal Nutrition, 2017)*.

* Phil Kim, vice president of marketing and strategy at Universal Nutrition, interviewed by Mark Barroso, NSCA-CPT, December 19, 2017. Retrieved from https://www.bodybuilding.com